• Pastor Werner Schneider-Quindeau, Frankfurt – Advisor, Organisation, Protagonist
  • Dr. Sonja Schierle – Kurator of the North-Amerika-Collection and head of Museum-Pedagogy. Linden-Museum Stuttgart (State Museum of Ethnology)
  • Jim Rementer – Delaware Sprachforscher, Direktor des Lenape Language Preservation Project, Tribal Headquarters Bartlesville, Oklahoma
  • Helmut Seeger – Engeneer, Architect, Gerlingen; Advisor for Energy Efficiency and Environmental Technologies
  • Vinzenz Leppert, M.A. – Ethnologist, Frankfurt


  • Gunter Lange – Indianer Inuit Nordamerika-Filmfestival, takes place in Stuttgart/Germany. Thanks to the cooperation of the Volkshochschule Stuttgart (Adult Education Center), Linden Museum Stuttgart (State Museum Of Ethnology), the James Byrnes Institute and the University of Konstanz.
  • NAAOG e.V. Native American Association of Germany – Chairwoman Carmen Kwasny
  • Robert Götzenberger – Beratung
  • Sarah Rubal, M.A. – Website, Social Media
  • Persimplex Storykeeper Verlag –
  • Ralf Bohde – Grafik-Design
  • Spotservice/ Robert Mack/ Filmproduktion – Beratung, technischer Support

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