Dr. Sonja Schierle

Dr. Sonja Schierle is the Curator of the North-America-Collection and director of Museum Pedagogy at the State Museum for Ethnology, Linden-Museum in Stuttgart.


Dr. Sonja Schierle - Geschichte ist heute

Dr. Sonja Schierle

Dr. Sonja Schierle – Interview

Jim Rementer

Jim Rementer - Lenape/Delaware Language researcher - Photo Frank Heinig - Sultana Films

Jim Rementer – Lenape/Delaware Language researcher


Jim Rezenter started in Summer 1961, to study the language of the Delaware or Delaware “Lenape”.
In the following summer he continued his studies with James H. Thompson, one of the Elders of the tribe. After James H.Thompson passed away Jim continued his studies with Nora Thompson Dean, James´daughter.
He worked with many Native Speakers. Since 1997 he is the Director of the Lenape Language Project.

Scientific Advisor

team_Siegrun Kaiser and Glen Jacobs_Photo Susanne Horizon Fränzel_Sultana films

Dr. Siegrun Kaiser

Dr. Siegrun Kaiser has had in interest in the relationships between the Delaware Nation and the Moravian Church since she first visited Herrnhut, Upper Lusatia, in 1990. After studying Ethnology in Frankfurt am Main, she worked in various projects with Indigenous Nations of North America. She has used the original Moravian missionary sources for her research on the Munsee migration history and also transcribed early 19th century missionary letters for the Delaware Nation of the Moravian Thames Band in Ontario.