• Dr. Siegrun Kaiser, Ethnohistorian – Scientific Advisor
  • Susanne Horizon Fränzel, Director – Filmproduction
  • Sherry Huff, Journalist – Filmproduction
  • Frank Heinig, Camera
Dr. Siegrun Kaiser - Frank Heinig - Susanne Horizon Fränzel

Dr. Siegrun Kaiser – Frank Heinig – Susanne Horizon Fränzel

Sherry Huff - journalist - Delaware Nation

Sherry Huff – journalist – Delaware Nation

Dr. Sigrun Kaiser, scientific management, researched the relationship of Delaware Germans and Moravians for over 25 years. After studying anthropology in Frankfurt am Main, she worked for many years in various projects with indigenous peoples of North America. Since 1999 years, she transcribed the diaries of the Missionaries of the Delaware from the old German into German and translated it into English. Thus, the Delaware could, for example, reconstruct their language from the missionary letters.

Susanne Horizon Fränzel is a director and filmmaker with her own production: Sultana Films. Among many international awards, she received the “Award of German Film Criticism” for “BRAVO PAPA 2040″and the “German Short Film Award” in Gold for “Flight of the Stone”. She is a member of the German Film Academy, of the GEDOK Munich and she is a Sundance alumni.
She grew up in Ethiopia, Egypt and Greece and brings her experience and the ability to work with different cultures into this project.
Since 2010, she is an author of novels as well. 2011 she received a scholarship of the “Förderkreis deutscher Schriftsteller Baden-Württemberg, 2012 Publication in “Die Ufer des Tages”.
The journalist Jacqueline Leger (Los Angeles) writes for the professional journal “The Animation Magazine”: “From shorts to music videos to performance pieces, Franzel chose to work within the domain of social issues. Her mixed-media films convey a political message while aiming to be artfully entertaining. ”

Sherry Huff, journalist and proud member of the Delaware Nation at Moraviantown, a First Nation community in Canada, located in southwestern region of the Province of Ontario.
Sherry grew up on the reserve, surrounded by aunts, uncles and plenty of cousins. She recalls the sounds of her Elders occasionally conversing in their native tongue in the background. However, like most Delaware children, she was not taught the language, as many of the older ones wanted their children and grandchildren to be proficient in English. It wasn’t until she was an adult that Sherry had the opportunity to begin learning her language through language classes in the community. She has also been busy discovering her people’s little known history, their connection to Germany through the Moravian missionaries and her Nation’s ancestral homelands located along the eastern seaboard of the United States.
Today, Sherry is an accomplished journalist having worked as a reporter and producer with the CBC across northern Canada for more than 20 years. Much of that time was spent reporting on the Indigenous experience; breaking down barriers and stereotypes. This work continues through Huff Media Solutions, a multi-faceted communications house Sherry launched in 2010. Together with her husband, Huff Media Solutions specializes in video production, website development, media and public relations.
Sherry’s film experience includes several community-based corporate videos, as well as two documentaries; Big Bear Creek, a story of a land claim dispute by the Chippewa; and Stories Told to Me, a short film chronicling the history of the Delaware People as told by a former Chief and Elder in her community.

Frank Heinig, Cinematographer, completed a directing and camera studies at the University of Television and Film Munich.
He was a camera assistant and cameraman for trick shots at the award-winning film production “Das Boot” and “The Neverending Story”.
As a producer, he oversaw series productions of “Bayerisches Fernsehen” and the “Deutsche Welle”.
Between 1984 – 1991 he was Managing Director of “motion control Munich,” a company for optical special effects. By 2009, he was Managing Director of “Ulfrafilm” – film production in Munich.
He continues to work as a cameraman and since 1990 also professor at the “German School of Journalism” and “Macromedia GmbH”.

Büdi Siebert, composer and multi-instrumentalist
Büdi Siebert is one of the cross-border composers and musicians and is referred to in a portrait of the TV-Channel SWR as “one of the most versatile musicians in Germany”.
The classically trained flutist came in contact with jazz, rock, folk, punk, avant-garde, German New Wave, chansons, New Age Music and the peoples of the world. Concert tours in Europe, USA and Africa led him to Carnegie Hall, New York, and Universal Studios in Los Angeles. As one of the first World musicians in Germany, he began to collect instruments from all over the world and play.
At the end of the 70ies he establishment together with other musicians the independent label Eigelstein and in the 90ies his own label Araucaria Music.
For over 30 years, he gives concerts with such diverse groups as BAP, Andreas Vollenweider, poetry and music, and with European, Indian, South American, Caribbean and African musicians
As a guest musician he was active at more than 100 productions;
Composer: for more than 60 works for film and theater;
Prices: Preis der dt. Schallplattenkritik, gold and platinum records and -CD’s, participation in “Deutscher Kurzfilmpreis Gold” (German Short Film Award) for “Flight of the Stone”.
Teacher: 1997-2004 Film Academy in Ludwigsburg
Personal highlight: a concert alone at night in the Great Pyramid in Giza, recorded on his CD “Pyramid Call”. This experience changed his work, he focused on projects and music, dedicated to the Earth and the possibilities of humankind.

Büdi Siebert - Concert INSIDE DANCES - Gongs and Gozheng

Büdi Siebert – Concert INSIDE DANCES – Gongs and Gozheng

Büdi Sieber - Concert in Cairo - for the first time Muslim and Coptic musicians play together

Büdi Siebert – Concert in Cairo – for the first time Muslim and Coptic musicians play together

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