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We need support: Please contact us.

Siegrun researched for almost 30 years, the relationship of the Delaware and Moravian missionaries. For 15 years she has worked with the historian of Delaware, Darryl Stonfish. He told her about his wish he cherishes the past 30 years: to take a journey to where the people came from, with whom his band has an intense shared history. Siegrun spoke to me four years ago and since then we work on the project.

We are looking for ways to support the journey of Delaware, helping with the organization, and financially. And we are planning a documentary.
There is great interest in this unknown German-Indian history, meeting and travel documentation and we are already planning events with institutions, who consider this project as important and worthy of support.

In March 2012, we were able to travel by research-funding of the Medien-und Filmförderung Baden-Württemberg to the reserve Moraviantown to meet Chief Greg Peters, Darryl Stonefish and other members of the community. They all have many questions about their history. Bruce Stonefish just came back with a group of teenagers from a trip to the East Coast, the “Homeland”. In a “Homecoming” event (Powwow) they talked about their experiences. Bruce said that he wanted to make this trip already for 25 years, and only now the time was ready. The next step would be a trip further east – to the country from which the missionaries came who had so strongly influenced their band.

For support: Please contact us.

We need: interested institutions, organizers, foundations, sponsors; equipment such as two  vans, catering, accommodation (hotel, hostel), funding for the film-production

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